Q&A: Is there anyone living near Rome, Ga that wants a black cat?

Question by Iris’s Lover aka Garrett O.:Is there anyone who lives near Rome, Ga. who wants a black cat? Okay so I have a new kitten. She is about 3 weeks old or less. She loves the attention. Very cute, know how to use the kitty box, but sometimes misses. She is a little dirty, but that’s just gas kitten. She has claws. It has not been vacinated. If you live somewhere near Rome, Ga. area and you are thinking about getting a cat answer and will send you a response mensaje.Mejor : Answer

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Hi … Because everyone here is worldwide considered that the publication of a notice through a free online service such as Petfinder www.petfinder.com or http://www.craigslist.org http:// local Craigslist and search your state, the nearest town, and then later, in the Community and Pet subsection. Be sure to ask for a small adoption fee (eg, $ 35 to cover the cost of sterilization and vaccination) deters people seeking a pet free to sell to research laboratories, use for bait dog training, food snakes or worse mistreatment. Ask prospective adopters who would like to conduct a home inspection monthly for 3 months to ensure that the welfare kitty you too. You can renegotiate the rate of adoption if you feel you have found a good home and return the money after a few months. People walking Craigslist every minute daily so you can find someone with enough rapidez.Lo Ideally, after his kitten reaches at least 6 weeks old and is showing signs of being weaned and eating food sold this would be a good time to consider finding Propsective adopters. In general, the 8 week old kitten would better ensure all developed good habits from the mother cat and her litter también.La Most shelters offer low fee spay and vaccines. If you live in the U.S., you can call 1-800 SPAY USA http://spayusa.org locating a nearby shelter partipating to make an appointment when you reach 12 weeks old and weighs less than 2 pounds.

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