Q&A: is there any bad omens if you hit a black cat on friday the 13th?

Question by sarcasticlytempered:Is there any bad omen if you hit a black cat on Friday 13? I was driving to work, and a black cat crossed the road (which was driving on country roads) and I have an SUV and could not leave the road and I hit the poor man … Now I have a road trip and people are saying I can not go because I’m unlucky. By the way, I feel terribly triste.Mejor response: Answer

would have been worse if you missed ………

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21 Responses to “Q&A: is there any bad omens if you hit a black cat on friday the 13th?”

  1. maybe that`s because u feel “bad” and you believe!

  2. Friday the 13th is just another day. And a black cat is just that, a black cat.

  3. LOL….its not true your fine!!

  4. ok. the only bad thing is that u hit a cat. would u think its bad luck if it was just a brown cat or something? and the friday the 13th thing, i dont think that will hurt u at all. thats my dads birthday… he seems to be fine so far!

  5. Don’t sweat it… IF YOU be live in it, then your mind will likely play tricks on you. If YOU don’t believe in it, don’t worry @ all. I drive on all the time when a black cat crosses my path.

    PS — I won tickets this morning on my way to work. Could you convince me NOW that Friday the 13th is so unlucky?!?!?!?!?!

  6. at least the cat its safe

  7. Well you collided with the cat so i dont think that is unlucky but you shouldnt think about it and everything that bad happens is not because of the car smash its because you believe that it is

  8. no those are only superstition

  9. Life ‘happens’ . . . on Friday the 13th, as well as every other day that the sun comes up . . .
    Sorry to know that you are experiencing one of life’s common lessons of negative emotional impact – it feels the same – occuring on any day of the week . . .

  10. If the black cat’s name was Darnell and he was from Chicago and he was crossing from the library, with 3 of his kids and wife and they were in the cross walk, and they had the light, and you hit them dead center, without no attempt to stop 9 ie noe skid marks), I would say that was unlucky and you could be looking at some serious litigation and jail time.

    but if the black cat was a kitten or an adult cat, i’d say feel sorry for the poor Bas**rd, try to give him a civil, decent buriul, get back in your car, try to burn some serious rubber as a salute to your furry but dead friend. And let it go!

    Friday the 13th was unlucky FOR HIM, not YOU!

    He’s DEAD and Your not!!

    Sounds PRETTY LUCKY for YOU……

    Have a good day!!!!

    Telll how the trip went….

  11. Feeling bad is OK. Rest is superstition. I am answering purely from experiences, that I have had, in my “own life.”

  12. No, not unless it happened underneath a ladder and when you hit him you knocked over a salt shaker in your SUV that fell onto a mirror and cracked it. THEN that would qualify as a bad omen.

  13. Bad Luck is at your back! Say a savior prayer for the kitty, just might get you off the bad luck beat.

  14. Quote – Jeff Beck “If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all”.

    Just sorry about the cat – for absolution go to SPCA and offer your services for three weeks.

  15. Only if you dwell on this and your attention is diverted while driving.

  16. no it’s not a bad omen,,, if you believe that you will experience bad omens after you hit a cat,,, you will experience bad luck,,, the only bad thing is that a living organism died that’s all,,, so pray to God always,,,

  17. My friend , this shows great compasion in your heart, we should have some compassionate feelings for are pets and the pets of another, please trust me when I say go enjoy your trip, our great compassion will see you this. cd.

  18. It is pure superstition, to be honest. Many believe Friday the 13th to be ominous for different reasons, mostly exacting itself in history back to ancient times when the Catholic church rounded up the Knights Templar’s and arrested Them for heresy, as well as the belief of “Black Fridays,” which is where the black cat theory comes from, from my understanding. (As far as the mirror, that comes from witchcraft, as they’d break a mirror to break the spirit; salt, to kill a demon; ladders were believed to separate one from their significant other when you walked under it.) So, to get back to point, the fact the black cat crossed your path is mere coincidence, really, that it happened on a Friday the 13th. It is unfortunate that you hit the poor kitty, but, as you said, you couldn’t get out of the way. At the least, notify animal control so they can get the cat out of the road and get medical attention if it need(s/ed) it, if you hadn’t already done so, and go on with your trip. You’ll be fine. For further clarification of things, check out the fear of Friday the 13ths question in yahoo questions ;) .

  19. What’s all this talk of black being bad or 13 being anything other than the total number of full, and new moons each year. Your body has 13 major joints. Your two wrist, two elbows, two shoulders,two hips, two knees,two ankles, and then the topper, the place that your skull sits on top of your spine. Count them that is 13 so maybe you are the bad omen, or I am the bad omen, or we all are the bad omen we are walking 13′s. The navy’s definition of luck is when opportunity meets preparation. So somewhere between I control my own destiny, and I go whichever way the wind blows is what our luck is made of. The general definition for karma is, the result of that which is previously done. So witches just hang out with black cats because they are coool!?


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