Q&A: Is there a way I can take a good picture of my black cat?

Question by Atousa:Is there any way to make a good picture of my black cat? the photos go wrong. I’ve taken a lot with my digital camera but do not look good, because she is all black and shiny and close your eyes in a flash. photography tricks you know? I took a picture of her lying on my white bed, and still no response saliĆ³Mejor : Answer

his position against a white wall.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Is there a way I can take a good picture of my black cat?”

  1. Well, a good way to take a good picture, is to get a camera and take the picture. You can put her in her favorite spot.She will be happy!

  2. You could try turning up the white light balance on the digital camera, this will lighten up the pic providing the cat fills most of the frame, turn the exposure to very low and that way, when she closes her eyes to the flash, the picture will already have been taken

  3. Try to keep the background as uncluttered as possible – make the cat the dominate part of the scene. Works best if u catch her offguard – in a relaxed looking position, maybe not even paying attn to you… that way you can catch her with her eyes open, as well as in her natural self. If you can get her on a light background or floor, try turning the digital shot to Black/White

  4. hey, your best bet here if you want a good shot of your cat is to take it to a professional photographer. Someone with experience will find just the right light settings to make your cat visible in a shot. Otherwise i would advice you to get an analog camera, use a white blanket as background and take the picture outside your house where flash isnt needed.

  5. As mentioned previously use a light backgrount . I know I have 4 black cats

  6. Try it without the flash. Increase the normal room lighting and try to make sure it is falling on the cat from different angles ie., above ,back and side

  7. My cat was a dark brown and the only pictures that did her justice were taken outside. I don’t know if your cat is allowed outside, but ours was allowed outside ever since she was a kitten wearing a harness. As she got older she was good enough to let out if you stayed with her. My favourite pictures of her are ones where she was sunbathing in the grass.
    I know that the harness isn’t flattering but if your cat is young it may be the beginning of many good pictures.
    Also take note of where your camera is taking the light reading from. If your camera has a single focal point make sure it is on your cat and not the light background.

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