Q&A: Is it true that when a black cat visits you get good luck and if it stay with you, you get bad luck?

Question by animal lover:Is it true that when a black cat visits to good luck and if they stay with you, you get bad luck? I read a book that said if a black cat you visit, you get good luck, but if you stay you get bad luck. and my friend said he found 20 money in the street when a black cat from his past. Best answer:

Reply by Ocimom
No. – have owned most every color in cats at some point. Black cats are no different in “luck”, then any other color.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Is it true that when a black cat visits you get good luck and if it stay with you, you get bad luck?”

  1. I doubt there is any correlation . When My cat went into heat, a big black cat came to offer his services. He liked the place and stayed. It’s been several years and so far no bad luck. I always heard it was bad luck to even see a black cat.
    In England when they were drowning people who they thought were fornicating; the people handling the execution world put a couple of black cats in the sack with the people they were about to through in the river to make the death a little more painful.

  2. If your superstitious then dont go near a black cat! Or walk under a ladder, or step on a crack!! Theres NO truth to black cats bringing “luck” of any sort.

  3. A color is just a color and nothing more, and to place a value on a color is not just superstitious, it’s a form of prejudice. Whether you believe black cats to be good or bad luck could depend on where it is in the world that you live, and even within different countries, there exists differing beliefs, and superstitions concerning black felines.
    Many people around the world believe that there is a single white hair to be found, on even the blackest of cats. Pull out that hair, without getting a scratch, and yours will be a long, happy and prosperous marriage.
    Whatever the local superstitions about cats that are black, most owners of cats consider themselves lucky and blessed. And indeed it is a blessing to own a cat, black or not.

  4. only if you are superstitious

  5. That’s called superstition, which has no basis in real life.

    A cat’s coat color is determined by genetics, it has no bearing on luck to the people around it.

  6. Absolutely true. If you get visited by a black cat, it costs you nothing. If, however, it decides to move in with you (as mine did), you then have to start paying out for vets fees, boarding kennels, food, vaccines, collars, toys etc! I had actually had some very bad luck before my cat moved in with me. Since then, she has been my little buddy and kept me going through the dark times. It doesn’t matter what colour a cat is. They have no more good or bad luck than any other coloured cat.

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