Q&A: Is it true that dogs see in black and white?

Question by Alex:Is it true that dogs see in black and white? I’ve heard that dogs can see in black in white. Is this true? If so cats can see also in black and white? And what is the difference between humans and dogs that makes us see the color and black and white look? Best answer: Answer

waz up
yes, but only some dogs can see other shades of green and red.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Is it true that dogs see in black and white?”

  1. according to my vet they are color blind

  2. I’ve heard that but dunno if it’s actually true. Don’t think there’s any evidence to back it up!

  3. Nope. They see colour, but can’t differentiate between close colours, like yellow and green. They can’t tell the difference between red and orange, but can between dark blue and light gray or yellow.

  4. sometimes, some dogs see other colors like pink, green, and others. I’m not sure about cats though…

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