Q&A: Is it really a popular Danish custom to put a black cat in a barrel to hang from a tree and hit with a bat??

Question by lovesanimals!:Is it really a popular Danish custom to put a black cat in a barrel to hang from a tree and beaten with a bat? A Danish couple told me is a happy life, the age old tradition in Denmark to put a black cat living in a barrel sealing, suspended from a tree at a party, and then hit him with a baseball bat. Said the little Danish children love this tradition, and everyone cheers when the cat crying in the inside of the barrel when it came to it. It’s like a bloody pinata, the first person to call a cat with blood in the canyon would be the “queen” for the day and the person who hit the final table would be “king” for the day. They seemed normal people and educated, but to tell the truth? I was horrified! I told them I would be a crime in the U.S. – But did not understand why. I could not understand why she was horrified, tampoco.Mejor response: Reply

Young Blood
OMFG That is horrible I never say talk to them they may seem polite, but still not right in the head if they think it’s okay to

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Is it really a popular Danish custom to put a black cat in a barrel to hang from a tree and hit with a bat??”

  1. I’m not sure, but these people should really get some mental help.

  2. Maybe they were confused this is what I read…
    or it may have been like that with a cat a long time ago

    This year’s Fastelavnsfest (Danish Halloween party) was held at Lake Poway Recreation Center. We were about 60 adults and kids and all the kids were dressed in costumes. First, all the kids decorated masks and loot bags with stickers, foam shapes, feathers and different colors. After the crafts were made, we feasted on traditional Danish Fastelavns treats (Fastelavnsboller),

    æbleskiver, and other delicious treats. Then it was time for the traditional “slå katten af tønden” (hitting the barrel with a stick). The children under 4 years of age had their own barrel made of cardboard and the bigger kids had a large barrel made out of wood. Both barrels were imported from Denmark. Inside the barrels were candy just like a pinata. The child that hit the bottom out of the barrel became the Cat Queen and received a prize. Normally the child that hits the last piece of wood off the rope is crowned the Cat King. However, it was too hard to get the last piece off, so we decided to have the Cat Queen choose a Cat King. The Cat Queen and Cat King’s prizes were Fastelavnsris, a traditional Danish Fastelavns treat. It is twigs decorated with candy and paper decorations. After the Cat Queens hit the bottom out of the barrels, the candy would fall out and all the kids ran over and collected candy in their newly decorated bags. After the hitting of the barrels, the kids played on the nearby playground and the adults talked. And that was the end of a “hyggelig” Fastelavnsfest.

  3. That would be illegal. I think they were having a joke on you.

  4. they are mentally derranged and make me want to throw up, who cares how educated they or normal they are.

  5. It may or may not be a traditoin….BUT IT IS IN MY OPINION THE STUPIDIST!!!! I have a black cat and just hearing that makes me glad i am not Danish! That is horrible. The person who beats the poor cat out should be in jail for a day. Plus the other people. So the tradition would be better if they put a person in a barrel then they would know how it feels to get the crap beat out of you in a barrel just to make someone have fun just because of an old stupid tradition!!!

  6. It sounds like something from the Dark Ages. I don’t think it’s true. I hope it’s not.

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