Q&A: Is it normal for a 5 yr old black cat to already grow grey fur ?

Question by Travis G:Is it normal for a cat 5 years old black and gray hair to grow? I had this cat since birth and is already showing signs of gray skin, although parts of his body is pure black and I know that is part of its type is normal, that is half siameses.Mejor response : Reply kittikat747

‘ve never heard of cats that old gray coat …

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Is it normal for a 5 yr old black cat to already grow grey fur ?”

  1. I’m sure it’s not abnormal. We had Golden Retrievers that started turning gray around 4 yrs. old.. Could be something hormonal in the cat.

  2. I have cats that are ranging in age from 11, 8 respectively, they don’t show signs of getting old as to “color”. I do have a husky/lab that is 3 yrs old and she is already showing signs of grayness around her muzzle and head…Just genetics I think, like humans.

  3. talk to the vet about it

  4. Sometimes black cats will get grey fur if there has been an injury to the underlying skin. You might want to have him checked out by your vet for skin problems. Good luck!

  5. Yes, this sounds rather normal. Black cats get gray fur earlier than other cats because of the color. Don’t worry, though. Grey fur is perfectly normal. Your cat is still young, and it might also be because he is only part siamese.

  6. Sable, one of my two long-haired gray cats, has gray fur on his chest and underbelly. It actually makes him quite attractive. His ear hair is also gray.

    My other long-haired black cat, Midge, is black as night, but he’s three years younger than Sable.

    Coal the Demon, my short-haired black cat, has no discernible gray, but he does have white hairs spattered about.

    All three of them are really great cats.

  7. It’s perfectly normal in my opinion.
    My family had a siamese cross and he started getting grey hair around his mouth and nose when he was 4/5 years old.
    Shortly after that grey hair started showing, he started getting little bits of grey in various other parts of his fur.
    It’s just the typical sign of aging.
    If you are worried, take him to the vet. =)

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