Q&A: In my dream my dog and my neighbors black cat killed a rattle snake what does it mean???

Question by xkasplx:In my dream, my dog ​​and my neighbors black cat killed a rattlesnake, what does it mean? The snake was gone from his rattle and has two pieces of black leather that covers her head to each other at the other end … put the snake in my house and my neighbors cat came after through the doggie door … then my dog ​​and the cat chased the snake in the yard and when I looked I had killed my dog ​​had one end of the snake in the mouth and the cat had the other end … it was a strange dream and I need to know what it means! Best answer: Answer by Jim Jacobs

the snake. cat and dog ru gona eat like a piece of spaghetti and make one of those classic scenes when you reach the end and finish connecting.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: In my dream my dog and my neighbors black cat killed a rattle snake what does it mean???”

  1. It’s a dream. It has no meaning, stop looking for something which isn’t there.

  2. Do you and this neighbor have a friend in common? Someone who you both wonder about? Maybe have doubts about their honesty or morality? Maybe this person wears leather a lot – like a motorcyclist ( just maybe tho).

    Sounds like its tryin to say that you have a bad influence in your neighborhood.

  3. In asia, a rattle snake may represent bad spirits and negative energy. Maybe you invite those ghosts to your house for a spaghetti dinner huh

  4. You have a very hypocrite enemy among your friends or acquaintance . but a real fried will protect you . For some reason I think it could be a woman who is the traitor

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