Q&A: If a tabby cat had one black and one tabby kitten, what color is the father?

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by Rakka
Question by Frelinda:If a black tabby cat had a kitten and a tiger, what color is the father? My neighbor took a brown tabby cat lost. She had two kittens, I adopted. One is a black female, solid with a white patch under the chin and the other is a male tabby, gray in color than the mother. The kittens seem to have longer fur than the mother. I have seen a tabby tom wandering around the neighborhood and that is a lot like my male kitten, but with more hair. However, it is possible that two tabby cats have a black kitten? Best answer: Answer by Joshua


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7 Responses to “Q&A: If a tabby cat had one black and one tabby kitten, what color is the father?”

  1. Yes two tabby cats can have a black kitten. My mother in laws cat is black and white and the tom cat was orange. She has 1 black and white, 1 solid grey, 1 orange and white, 1 orange and black, 1 solid black, and 1 solid white. You never know what the parents parents looked like and what recessive colors they might have.

  2. yep its possible! my cat was black and grey the father was the same but they had a tabby kitten!

  3. it would be hard to say because domestic cats can have many colors and patterns in their gene pool and can throw multi- colors and patterns , and of course there is the possibility that the litter has different fathers.

  4. each kitten could possibly have two different fathers so it’s hard to tell what the father looks like since there could be more than one.

  5. yes. kittens & puppies from the same litter can have different fathers. so taking into considerations recessive genes, the siblings can look like absolutely anything

  6. yeah. just because the parents look the same doesn’t mean that the babies will be the same. there is a cat behind the vets office where i work, and she had kittens. she’s a calico and the daddy was a grey tuxedo. her kittens were orange, calico, grey, tabby, and a black tuxedo. just like in horses, if you breed a spotted horse to a spotted horse the foal won’t always be spotted, it could be solid colored.

  7. The father could be any color or breed, the kittens could take their color from grandparents or even a more distant relative.

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