Q&A: I need help Thinking of a sexy female villain like Black Cat from Spiderman?

Question by Austin W:I have to stop thinking about a sexy female villain like Black Cat Spiderman? My hobby is wright about a superhero that is almost like Batman, but with firearms. I thought of 8 of them, but I need a villain that is like the Black Cat in Spider-man. Something that is sexy and original. Any suggestions? Best answer:

Reply by Clap Trap
sexy …. arms original + Black Widow comes to mind! Real Name: Natasha RomanoffOriginalmente was a Soviet spy, Natasha Romanoff (or Natalia Romanova ) eventually defect to the United States after learning the secrets of the past of their country, their participation in it and how it is handled. She is well trained as a murderer and is a match made, as well as a weapons specialist. Its form-fitting black suit often comes well equipped and enables you to climb walls. Although technically not a superpower, their special training, combined with his skillful use of the latest technology the left as a force to be cuenta.Trate using your starting point, then branch to other influences of other ‘sexy’ superheroes.

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One Response to “Q&A: I need help Thinking of a sexy female villain like Black Cat from Spiderman?”

  1. you should try a woman affected by the world some way or with powers fro mythology … like thor girl or posion ivy

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