Q&A: I just finished the Black Cat Manga and absolutely loved it. Which Manga should I read next?

Question by LSurferWolf:I just finished Black Cat manga and loved it. Manga should I read next? My favorites are Black Cat Mangas and Man D. Gray, but I also love Claymore. Mangas I like a lot of good action comedy with good characters and storylines. I just finished Black Cat and need a suggestion for a (s) to read below. PLEASE HELP! Best answer: Reply

shugodothack sillyness
If you like Jack Black, you would like Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The series has a fan base is still very small, but growing. Not mal.El first arc is about the daily life and introducing the main character. It lasts for volumes 1-7. Volume 8 and up is where there is more action, plot development and reliability. However, it still retains a bit of humor, albeit a little less. The series is still great without embargo.Eyeshield 21, a little weird. It’s a sports manga, but still humorous. The story is a little strange, but great is the U.S. soccer. But the scenes that are actually playing their games would still be a bit of humor thrown in. great series.

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