Q&A: I have a solid black cat with beautiful bright green eyes what possible breed could she be?

Question by mama:I have a solid black cat with beautiful green eyes shining as much as possible the breed may be? His eyes are large and showy. She is short haired and very communicative. It looks in your eyes and meows like he was having a conversation. This is my first cat and she is pregnant and it was a stray dog ​​you just took, which we do not know their history. Take her to the vet today. Every expert in the kitty out there? Best answer: Answer

Naomiii could be a
most domestic cats are that are solid black, but the fact she is his eyes are bright and I would say is very communicative she could have some Oriental (Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese) in it.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: I have a solid black cat with beautiful bright green eyes what possible breed could she be?”

  1. could be a british black, or bombay…

  2. It’s unlikely she’s any particular breed – she’s probably a moggy. Don’t see that as a bad thing though. Moggies can be beautiful and amazing just as much as any pedigree.

  3. we have a green eyed black cat (shorthair) and her name is willow. her mum was a longhaired brown tabby so it goes to prove there isn’t just a breed for these beauties! father is unknown as allegedly said cat got loose prior to going to vets and was seen mating with several males. needless to say willow is a very striking animal.

  4. No breed. All domestic black cats have green or gold eyes. The only way to know if she was a Bombay, Oriental, etc if you’d bought her from a breeder.

  5. Unless you have papers to prove otherwise odds are she isn’t any breed – just like over 97% of the cats on this entire planet. ALL black domestic cats have green or gold eyes. Odds are she isn’t solid black, either. Look around on your body and you’re sure to find a few stray white hairs – often on the chest or stomach. It’s VERY rare to have a domestic cat that’s truly solid black.

    If she’s early enough in the pregnancy have the vet spay her and abort the litter. Otherwise however many kittens she has will be that many more put to death at your local shelter since people will take these kittens instead.

    If she does have to have this litter then PLEASE get them fixed before you give them away. It can be done as early as eight weeks. If you can’t afford to do this then surrender them to a no-kill shelter. If you give them away unaltered this one litter could turn into THOUSANDS more kittens as they go on to breed, and rebreed, and their kittens breed, and rebreed, and so on, and so on.

    No-kill shelters – http://www.saveourstrays.com/no-kill.htm

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