Q&A: I had a dream of a black cat killing a kitten?

Question by :I had a dream of a black cat kill a kitten? I had a dream of a black cat with a black, white and gray kitten in her mouth. The kitty cat was shaking to death and ate it. Then my dream to jump me and a group of dancers to cope with the movement of dance instructors and I could not do the moves correctly. I felt I could not jump higher and lift your legs over. What does that mean? Best answer: Reply

These are the messages of the subconscious mind, which processes dormimos.El problems while dancing is a form of expression. Not being able to do the dance moves with a “group” could indicate that feels out of social pace. Maybe you feel like an outsider or not a leader. Black is the color of lies, negativity and hidden things, cats often symbolize the feminine energy intuitive. A kitten may represent innocence. Therefore, it could mean that someone with evil intent is to harm another innocent soul.

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