Q&A: how rare is a black cat with sky blue eyes?

Question by SYN:the strange thing is a black cat with blue eyes? I found a black kittin sky blue eyes. I’ve never seen a black cat with blue eyes before, is this rare or change color as the older kittin? Best answer: Reply

Most cats are born with ‘light’ eyes. You can change, maybe not. At the shelter where I work about 3% do not change. I guess it’s pretty rare, regardless of hair color.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: how rare is a black cat with sky blue eyes?”

  1. We have one in the littler of four we just rescued. Beautiful!!! Somewhere in their lineage is a Siamese!!!

  2. may change colour however if x with certain pedigree cats may stay like that

  3. wow!!!!!!! thats real rare omg i so wish i could see it

  4. its about as rare as…me(not really but still)

  5. Well my Black cat just had a litter and they all had blue eyes and they are now 1 month and they are still blue we are expecting they will change to green soon though but if it is older then like 6 months I would say it is

  6. omg! what a beautiful baby! you should name it salem. whether its a girl or not lol. it may change to bluish grey. but hopefully it wont because that sounds so cute!

  7. Sounds like he’s either a Siamese mix or an Oriental Shorthair.

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