Q&A: How old should a four-year-old cat be?

Question by Puddles:How old should a cat four year old be? It is a small black cat with green eyes. It is a good eater and very active. How old should he be now? Best answer: Answer

by Jonah
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6 Responses to “Q&A: How old should a four-year-old cat be?”

  1. Do you mean in people years. They say approx 1 cat year equals 3 human years, so about 12 years. but don’t worry in cat years he could live past 20 years of age. At only 4 years of age your cat will still be lively and energetic for many more years

  2. Lol. I’m guessing 4 years old..?

  3. let me think Hmm four years old! :)

  4. cats age faster than dogs, in “human” years. a 4-yr-old cat will be about like a 30-yr-old person. a chart my vet gave me showed that cats “grow up” in human years very quickly at first, so a 6-yr-old cat is like a human in their late-40s, but that levels out a lot and it takes them like 8 more years to be like in their 60s in human years.

  5. As old as he wants to be. But seriously, you want to really now what he is human equivalent, and that is around 32. See chart in link.

    As in cat terms, he is no longer a kitten, but an adult cat. A kitten transitions from kitten behavior to adult behavior around age three.

    But as you stated, he still is active and that is good.

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