Q&A: How many of u people believe in black cats superstitions?

Question by Mistique B:How many people believe in superstitions or black cats? I personally think it’s all bullshit. Why blame an innocent animal about bad luck?. I have a black kitten and so far nothing has happened bad. So what u think people? Best answer: Answer

by liljonblaze69
I own a black cat and a black dog, so if there is something in black animals cross your path and im screwed

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15 Responses to “Q&A: How many of u people believe in black cats superstitions?”

  1. I’ve had a black cat for 13 years and my life has been no worse since I got her than it was before I got her. I think it’s all hooey.

  2. Superstitions have no factual basis behind them.

    I have no black cats, and suffer bad luck all the time. My neighbor, however, has a couple, and she is better off than I.


  3. its simple superstition. perhaps if you believe hard enough in it then maybe something bad will happen. i dont believe in it. once i was in the car with a friend. she saw a black cat cross in front of her car and she turned her car around and went another way. however, let me also mention that she hated cats.

  4. are you being racist?

  5. It’s a load of crap. There is no such thing as luck either. I’ve owned a black cat for about 10 years now, and so far… everything’s A-OK

  6. i gotta black cat
    the only problem ive had is he loves attention
    so at 3am he will poke you in the face with his paw

    but after all so does my other cat

  7. nooo wayy! thats crap. if u are so messed up as to believe black cats are bad luck, then u r the reason for your bad luck! duhhhh…… lol

  8. One there are almost no black cats left in the world most are dark dark brwon or black with a tiny white patch. If u see one it whould be really lucky beacause there are so few. so to answer ur questions no i don’t i think it is liucky

  9. Its superstiition right along with walking under a ladder,knocking on wood,tossing salt ect..
    but it can me such a mental thing.If I walk under a ladder i well reverse myself lol oh well life goes on still havent figured out why that rafter fell on me ?

  10. I’ve had a black cat for 13 (so far) years too, and my life has been wonderful with her. ^-^ I don’t believe it.

  11. The only upset I had from a black cat was when it died a month ago… :(
    He was the best!

  12. Bad luck?? Black cats are good luck! I know because I owned a black cat for 18 years, and she was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me!


  13. I’ve had plenty of black cats and no worse for the wear.

  14. All I know is that it is bad luck to stroke my black cat while she is sitting on my lap. If I do, she usually turns around and bites/scratches me. It is also bad luck for me to stay in bed for too long in the morning. If I do, she will chew my elbow or jump up and down on me. Mind you, I think it has everything to do with her personality and nothing to do with her colour!

  15. So I guess that explains my all to often bad luck … lol.

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