Q&A: How do You say nigh cat, or black cat in Your language?

Question by Sami:How do you say about a cat or a black cat in your language? I’m doing a brainstorming on the name for my new project software.Me like to refer to a black cat, cat, and most preferably in the noche.No formal urban terms also very well seen. (Assuming that there are some related folklore) Best answer: Answer

“Schwarze Katze” is the black cat in German.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How do You say nigh cat, or black cat in Your language?”

  1. Chat Noir.
    It’s french for black cat, and it’s also the name of a famous piece of french artwork.

  2. Spanish

    Noche Gato = Night Cat
    Gato Negro = Black Cat

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