Q&A: how do you get a tabby cat from a siamese and black cat?

Question by Cassey:How do you get a cat, a Siamese tabby and a black cat? Ok heres the deal my sisters recently Siamese kittens. The father of puppies is all black. As one of the kittens looks like a calico, and the other is more like a tabby cat .. Why? The cats are indoor cats! Best answer:

Reply by JoJo
If she leaves, then she has had multiple partners and that is why you have a tabby cat and percal.Puesto you said you are inside, your cat is a mix of genes and all that has been transmitted to babies.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: how do you get a tabby cat from a siamese and black cat?”

  1. beacuse the black cat probably has tabby genes, maybe its mom or dad was a tabby. My gray and white cat only had black and white kittens, one was all black, and the father was orange and white.

  2. The grandparent must have been tabby or have some tabby genes

  3. Black cats are frequently tabbies, they just have a repressed pattern. Same as ALL orange cats are tabbies, they have repressed patterns too. It’s genetic. If there are tabbies in their background, tabby can pop up in the kittens.

  4. Unless there is more than one father (which is common with cats) the mother must be a red tabby point. or a torbie point (that is tortoiseshell + tabby markings on the “points” )

    If the father’s all black he would be “aa ” ( that means he has 2 genes for non-Agouti = no tabby pattern )
    If he’s the father and there’s a tabby kitten then the mother must have at least one copy of the Agouti gene.(A) = Tabby pattern, in order for the kitten to have inherited Agouti (Tabby)
    For the tabby kitten the mother gave the “A”, the father could only give “a.” So the kitten is Aa. And Agouiti is dominant over Non-Agouti, so the kitten is a Tabby.

    Now for the Calico. this gets more complicated. If you were using the term “Calico” correctly that means this kitten is white with red and black patches. In that case one of the parents has to have white on them. If they don’t there must have been more than one father.
    If you actually meant a tortoiseshell ( red-based pigment and black-based pigment but not white) then of course the parents dont have to have white.
    But either way the Tortoiseshell/ Tortie or Calico gets a black-based colour from one parent and a red-based colour from the other parent. If this solid black cat is the father, she of course got Black from him. so she had to get Red from the mother. Therefore the pointed cat is a red tabby point or a torbie point. (because she also passed on Agouti to the tabby kitten)

    BUT if the mother really is NOT a red tabby poiint or torbie point but is something like a seal point then surprise, surprise, she had to have got out somehow and mated with a red tabby. Or red tabby and white if the one kitten has white.

    The reason these kittens don’ t have the colourpoint pattern is that it is a recessive trait. the only way you get colourpoint kittens is for the kitten to get a “cs” gene from each parent. The cat with Siamese colouring would have passed one on to each kitten, but the father did not. The kittens are carriers of “cs” but don’t show it since they only got one copy.

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