Q&A: How do you get a black cat on Farmville?

Question by scene_13:How do I get a black cat in Farmville? I noticed that some of my neighbors are black cats. How I can get? I really want one! Best answer:

Reply by Rachiella
think you have to send one person to another …..

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10 Responses to “Q&A: How do you get a black cat on Farmville?”

  1. The same way you get the black sheep, brown cow, turtle, pink cow, and ugly duck.

    Your neighbor has to find one and post it, then you have to adopt it first.

  2. Either the same way you get Black Sheep, Turtles, Brown/Pink Cows etc., (adopting them of someone else)
    Bought them in the mystery boxes.

    (i’ve personally never seen black cats, only the black cats in Cat’O'Lanterns)

  3. You have to adopt them, like you adopt black sheep and cows and so on. You’ll spot one on your homepage eventually. I got one this morning :)

  4. Farmville released the black cat as a special for this Halloween season. It’s like the Cat-o-Lantern (rhyming with Jack-o-Lantern).

    You get a black cat by checking if any of your friends found one on her farm. When she puts it up for auction, you can adopt it from her.

  5. I just adopted one this morning. You must first wait for your neighbor to post an adoption notice. Good luck finding one! I have my best luck adopting early in the morning for some reason.

  6. you have to wait and see if any of your friends have it on their wall. it would be the same thing as when you see a black sheep or pink cow. only have a black cat on it

  7. You have to adopt them the same way you would adopt the black sheep, pink and brown cow, ugly ducklings, etc. I got 2 black cats today. They are harvested in 3 days, I have no idea what they mature into!

  8. so how do i get one

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