Q&A: How do I prove that my neighbors murdered my cat?

Question by President of the 7th Grade:How I can prove that my neighbor killed my cat? I have some fish head prueba.A venenosoLos pielesTodavía piles have not figured out if it was poisoned or killed. It was because they always despised my cat and other pets. First they killed my black cat and then my other black cat, next is probably my dog! Oi, Not a afuera.Ella cat slipped out and found dead a day siguienteLa found dead the next morning Best answer : Answer by CJ

literally have to get the tape to hold to and kind of influence with the law. cuz if not. your word against theirs ur

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10 Responses to “Q&A: How do I prove that my neighbors murdered my cat?”

  1. That is horrid! Have you talked to the police? If they say there is not enough evidence try talking to the humane society or maybe even a lawyer if you can afford it. Some people are so cruel, I dont know how you could kill a poor innocent animal. I am sorry for you loss.

  2. Ask your other neighbors heard or have seen anything. Also, try to do a little spying at your bad neighbors. But, the best thing to do is to call the police. You have pretty good evidence, and the police might investigate. Good luck!

  3. While you are trying to prove this, why not make sure your dog isn’t anywhere near them??? I’m not sure why you let your cat go around them if you thought they had already killed your other cat. Please keep your dog safe while you’re trying to solve the case.

  4. you might need to move…or at least get a security camera posted somewhere inconspicuous…

  5. Call your local animal control and tell them what has happened..Hopefully someone else complained about these horrible inhumane people..also call a near by vet to see how many other animals have been brought in poisoned..good luck

  6. So sorry for your loss. I would definitely take what evidence you do have to the police and see if they can do anything for you. Do you have a neighborhood watch? Try asking around with your other neighbors (the ones who didn’t murder your cat) to see if they might have seen anything unusual. Hope this helps and good luck to you, I hope you get them.

  7. Leave whatever evidence you see alone and call the local constabulary or police or sheriff. fish heads are pretty slim evidence, the video or whatever would is a grand idea.
    Contact the law and report what you know and what you suspect. A suspect is innocent.
    laws vary from state to state, city by city and stuff.
    Call the police and report what you know.

  8. How about you keep your pets out of their yard? I have a sneaking suspicion your neighbors aren’t sneaking into your house and killing your pets.

  9. Well after the first murder, I would keep my pets indoors! Do you let your animals roam and become a nuisance to other homeowners? I am not condoning their despiccable act, simply pointing out possible reasons for their extreme hostility.

    In addition, I would go to Fry’s or someplace and get a security system and a couple of cameras. Not only will it increase the value of your home and repel vandalism and burglaries, but you can catch your neighbors the next time they try anything like that. About the time they know they are on tape, there will be less inclination towards any attack.

  10. Don;t let your pets roam around outdoors as there are people that love to harm ‘ Mame or kill innocent animals for no reason at all except they are aholes,you should report it to animal control so they have a record of it’ in case someone else’s animals get poisoned or killed too.,. good luck and stay safe,.,

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