Q&A: How do I keep my outside black and white cat clean?

Question by Riannam:How I can keep my cat out clean black and white? I have an outdoor cat that is black and white tuxedo style, which comes inside at night and morning to eat and sleep, but she is always filthy with dirt and white skin is dirty, how I can keep class and clean tips are there to keep your skin semi-clean? Besides forced to stay inside, she odia.Mejor response: Answer

brush. a wire brush to remove loose skin, which captures the dirt.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: How do I keep my outside black and white cat clean?”

  1. Use some ”cat wipes” on her when she comes inside. Not much you can do to prevent her from getting dirty while outside, but you can brush her & wipe her down while she’s inside to help clean her up.

  2. Face it, you have a dirty cat! I have two outdoor black and white cats and one indoor. The on inside is always clean of course. The one boy outside is a mega hunter and travels but he is always clean. Ocassionally he gets dust on him but it isn’t long before he shines himself back up. As for the other fat lazy cat he is disgusting. His white is brown and hes just plain dirty. I doubt your cat is as dirty as him. You will have to accept him as he is or maybe find a support group so you can vent about your feline friends lack of cleanliness :)

  3. A brush will usually get the dirt out. An occasional bath may also help, but isn’t very pleasant. I would recommend just brushing it when it comes inside dirty.

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