Q&A: How do I get my 8 year old black cat to like my new 1 year old black cat?

Question by Mememom:How do I get my black cat of eight years old like my new black cat 1 year old? The oldest is very territorial, is a man for what is the best way to get win and stop growling at the new black female. Both have been corrected. The new one is love and wants to be close but it’s what makes it difficult. What to do? I follow the new because I had to leave my last cat to old age. The male turns away from me and just go to my husband, that is why you need a cat to me. We love cats. Any suggestions for help. Please tell me no one to give up. Thanks Best answer:

Reply by anhavana
give a blonde streaks

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12 Responses to “Q&A: How do I get my 8 year old black cat to like my new 1 year old black cat?”

  1. sounds like a potential cat-fight to me.

  2. I had the same problem when i brought home a kitten to my cat and dog…the dog was fine but it took about 3-4 weeks for my cat to get along. Just do not seperate them from each other because it will only take longer to socialize them together. It will eventually happen. They may not be the best of friends but the older cat will be able to tolerate it.

  3. Keep them separated for the first few days. If the new cat is already roaming the house, they should be separated immediately. The older cat needs time to get use to the new cat. Keep the new cat in your room for a day and let the older cat roam the other parts of the house freely. The next day switch them. Older cat in room and younger cat in bigger part of house. This could take a couple of days but after two day the older cat should ajust. If not try another day or so.

  4. I had this same problem when I introduced Midnight to Lennox. You want to know what happened? Midnight at first growled, hissed, and sometimes ran Lennox off. But then Midnight began bathing Lennox and the two were thick as thieves until Midnight’s death. They worked it out. Maybe your male is alittle jealous of the female, but I’m sure the two will warm up to eachother.

  5. Just give them time. And sometimes it helps to separate them at first, and give them different areas of the house, as well as different litter boxes and food bowls.

    I am a long time cat person, and I have had this problem before. I have a male 13 year old cat who is also very territorial. He doesn’t warm up to new cats easily.

    Sometimes certain cats cannot ever work it out, but if you give the older one plenty of love and affection, maybe it can work. Don’t give up, and lots of luck with your cats!

  6. you can’t MAKE them like each other. either it happens or it doesn’t. if they are around each other enough the older cat will probably come to tolerate the younger. the only way i would suggest giving one up is if there was a serious problem with fighting (if he’s hurting her). if he just spits and smacks at the other cat, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  7. Often times its very difficult for the new cat to adapt, and with another cat, in this case an older one, it will feel uncomfortable and stay in one area of the house, and hesitate to use the literbox, or eat. Theres really nothing you can do, you just have to let them get use to one another over time. They may fight with each other, but I wouldnt recommend interfering between these battles. Over time the older one will back off. All I can say is that you need to let them get to know each other, and not force them to meet face to face, but not pull them away from each other either.

  8. How i got my cats 2 like each other is put cat 1 in a cat-carrier and the other out side , but hold the she one cause she dose not growl. unless the cat 1 wants to growl 4 10 mins then rube a towel or blanket on cat 2 & set in front of the cage and let him be (he will get use 2 the smell). Then again bring the cat 2 in.usually he/she gets the message b nice or stay in the cage.

  9. I’ve had many cats over the last 40 years. 1 cat is good. 2 cats is iffy, 3 or more cats is a disaster. So good, you are sticking to 2 cats. The black cat isn’t that old at 8. Give him time to remember how to play again. It will take at least a month or two before the old cat will stop hissing. But he may never be very friendly, or play that much. He may only tolerate the new cat. Try this- get a laser pointer and see if you can get the 8 year old to chase around the red dot. Might loosen him up.

  10. I had the same problem when I brought home a 6-week old kitten and introduced him to my two 10-year old female cats. They fought a bit at first, bouts of hissing, and such, too. But just give them time. They’ll get used to each other eventually.

  11. Well you cant make the make him be friends with the new cat it takes time.thats what happened to my cat and my black male cat is very territorial also btu it did take him some time to get used to the other female tabby cat.

  12. No need to give anyone up, but perhaps take your time in introducing them to each other.

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