Q&A: How did the rumor about a black cat is bad luck start?

Question by ~*~Sweetly Orginal~*~~:How did the rumor about a black cat is bad luck start? I have a black kitten and when I walk through the city, holding it, people back away from him. It is a an affectionate black cat and my second from now. Best answer:

Reply by niquelynne
because at the time when people used to think that witches were doing bad actions of some jackass in red leotard called “Satan “…. thought that cats were his family and the evil that they were witches in the guise of a black cat … the black to match his evil heart.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How did the rumor about a black cat is bad luck start?”

  1. black cats were sacrificed back in the day by satanic cults….with there dartling eyes and sinister coats the color of death..black cats became known as witches mascots, they were also known as familiars…through which witches could communicate with the spiritual world.

  2. How did it start not totally sure. Though I have heard that back in egypt times that cats were the guardians of the homes like the high Archy’s of the land. Some in those times would even worship to GOD(S) that are like mythical; like GOD of water and gold, that sometimes would be made in the figure of a cat. Because they were to be with the underworld (world with powers). And whenever there was a black cat there was anger in it’s worshipers and they would cause mischiefs over the land. Then century’s after that some old fart fell and broke a ankle when her black cat ran across her.

    J/K… true about the ancient times though, I just have no proof and too lazy to search the web. :-) Don’t know how it got to the modern time myth though either.

  3. It goes back to ancient Babylon, I have no idea why they are considered bad luck. Ancient Hebrews and Babylonians considered them to be equal to serpents (from wiki).

  4. Black cats first became thought of as bad luck due to Christians. When Christianity spread to Northern Europe and encountered the Norse religion they found that one of the most popular female Goddesses was that of Freya who has a chariot pulled by two great black cats. As Christianity wanted to both end the old religions and subjugate women it quickly turned women of Independence and power into witches and black cats as their evil servants.

    Blessed Be )O(

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