Q&A: how come my white cat is better behaved than my black one?

Question by :How come my white cat behave better than my black? Both are males and my black cat is bad, always gets into trouble and is a pain. But my black cat is an angel and is very friendly, well behaved and so cute. Why is my black cat so misbehave Best Answer : Answer

by Niglet
Because your cat is black projects.And defensively hes on his chicken. My black cat is the same thing smh.

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One Response to “Q&A: how come my white cat is better behaved than my black one?”

  1. Well, I should come right out and say that it has nothing to do with their fur colors. Cats all have independent personalities- your black cat may just be adventurous and curious, which leads to trouble. Your white cat sounds relaxed and laid back. Are they neutured? Some say that when you fix a male cat it becomes more relaxed, but I don’t know if thats really true. But I can assure you it has nothing to do with the fur color.

    I had a wonderful black cat. he lived to be 19 years old, and he was my favaorite pet and best friend. He was always curious and funny. He would sleep with me each night and would follow me around (we were really close :) it KILLED me when we had to put him to sleep. As you can see black cats can be great pets, and the stereotypical “bad” black cat myth is fake.

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