Q&A: How can you tell that a female black cat has been spayed?

Question by *miss lily*:How do you know that a cat has been spayed black woman? I recently changed veterinarians and the last time I brought my 2 year old daughter. age, women’s assistant vet there did not know how to tell if it has been sterilized or not (I learned that it is new and in training). well, she did not understand it and finally I just hope that Lily has been spayed. my question is how do you know that a cat has been spayed? Oh, and when I was there the vet was on vacation that day (I just brought it to his shots). one more thing, changing veterinarians are required to verify that the animals have been spayed / neutered? curious, thanks! Donald W: I did not know that! Thanks, I’ll have a talk ASAP! Best answer:

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5 Responses to “Q&A: How can you tell that a female black cat has been spayed?”

  1. They are not required to check, but you can usually see a scar on the cat’s abdomen if she has been spayed. This may require shaving the area. I would recommend that you give your new vet the phone number of your old vet. They will call and have the records faxed over. This is very important for medical history and continuation of treatments. They should’ve checked prior vet records before giving a feline leukemia vaccine to see if your cat has had a negative test in the past unless they did the test again.

  2. Not required but responsible vets do. By the way, an assistant is not licensed to give shots unless under the supervision of a vet. Consider that if she doesn’t know much and is untrained then why did you let her give shots?

    If I were you, I would be having a serious talk with the vet. If no satisfactory conversation can take place then consider changing vets. Tell the vet why you are changing vets. (Tell both old and new vet).

  3. Sometimes the spay leaves a small scar, many times it does not. In other words, there usually is no way to tell without vet records.

  4. Your new vet just needs to call your old vet for your cats records. The records can be faxed to the new vet. Some vets use an ultrasound to find out if a cat has been spayed/neutered.

    Some female cats will have a scar.

  5. Feamle Black cats are different than male black cats and soooo much different than white females but if you had a black male cat that mates with a female white dog you might end up with a parrot with spay scars

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