Q&A: Hi um my black cat has gotten very skinny and has scabs from rubbing and scratching, how do i beg my mom to?

Question by I <3 My Hamster Smokey!:Um hello my black cat has become very lean and has scabs to rub or scratch, how I can ask my mother? take her to the vet? And how can one get to win a few? When ever i just finished eating givving the rest to my other cat is. Or my dog ​​eats what my other cat is atrás.Bueno, my mom is not sure about this. But we have a flea infested house will not desaparecer.Mejor response: Answer

say something like that are bound to take care of the cats when needed. Cats are like little children and can not care for themselves. As for the dog, put the food on top, like on your dresser so the dog can not reach. this will help your cat Plus cat food is not good for your dog. Hope this helps and sorry to hear your kitty is not well> Cat Black Breeds

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Hi um my black cat has gotten very skinny and has scabs from rubbing and scratching, how do i beg my mom to?”

  1. try to make her realize tht this is serious and the cat could really be sick

  2. aww..i sure hope your mom is’nt the type to think..”she is just a cat..I’m not wasting my money on her”

    It sounds like your cat is very ill…espcially from the scabs etc…

    Does your mom see the state your cat is in?
    Tell her the cat is suffering…
    Is there a human society you can take your cat too and have them look at for free?

  3. Your cat seriously needs to get to a vet. If your mom doesnt take it, that can be considered animal cruelty because if its not gaining weight and it keeps scratching itself, its completely misserable and its slowly dying. Try telling her that – maybe you can scare her into submission. If it doesnt work, call your local vet and ask what you should do and if theres anything you can do about a payment plan if you got a job or helped out there or something. A vet wont allow your animal to suffer just because your mom wont take it to the vet. Good luck.

  4. we had a dog that did that she had mites so you need to get your cat in call a vet yourself and see what they say if your mom does not take her to the vet that is called animal cruelty and she can be prosecuted ask her if she would make her children suffer like that if they were sick it is the same thing pets are like children.

  5. you shouldn’t have to beg your mom, tellh er she is really not feeling good

  6. your cat is very ill and could possubly die if not taken care of soon ask a friends mom or a other family member to tale her to a vet or ir you dont take care of this cat its called animal abuse and if someone see’s your cat they WILL reoprt it,and it WILLget put to sleep

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