Q&A: Have you ever seen a pure black cat with blue eyes?

Question by Christina:Have you ever seen a pure black cat with blue eyes? I met an old cat in my home, which is black with bright blue eyes. I’ve never seen a black cat with nothing but the yellow eyes … Right? Best answer:

Reply by Philip

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10 Responses to “Q&A: Have you ever seen a pure black cat with blue eyes?”

  1. I haven’t and that sounds adorable! :)

  2. Have seen a black cat (with white boots) with one greenish eye and one blue – Different eye colours in cats are even more disconcerting.

  3. yes i have arent they so cute : )

  4. Yes I have, but only kittens. Kittens are born with blue eyes including black ones. Once they are 6 or so weeks old their eye color begins to change to the ultimate adult color. It may be a few months before the kitten’s adult eye color is fully developed.

  5. Yes when it has siamese in in it’s blood line.

  6. Ive never owned one or seen one but i do have a black cat with yellow eyes… well when he was born he had blue eyes so yea i guess i have seen one :)

  7. No I havn’t but that sounds reeeeeeally pretty!

  8. I haven’t, but a black cat with blue eyes would not be impossible. All kittens start out with blue eyes, and some don’t change, depending on their genetic make up. But what would be unusual would be a pure black cat. Every “pure” black cat I ever saw had a few white hairs somewhere, even if hidden.

    The reason is that there were two major exterminations of black cats in the past. In the middle ages, black cats were killed for being witches. Those cats that managed to escape then hit the second extermination, when it was fashionable to have the paws of a black cat for good luck. So the black cats that managed to survive did by having a few white hairs.

  9. Only the once a few years ago, my cat was part persian she had green eyes her father had blue,she later had kittens and when the eyes all changed from the kitten blue/grey only the one fluffy black one stayed blue,

    it is all down the the genes,so the kitten had inherited its grandfathers blue eyes and fluffy coat,but got its colour from its mum which was black,you never know what you get with natures miracle!

    most black cats have amber(yellow) or green eyes,or at times blue but i have only seen it once and that was 20 years ago so is rare,and i have fostered hundreds of cats and kittens but only the once was a blue eyed black cat amongst them.

  10. The kitten’s eye color can change if the kitten is younger then 3 months old. If its older and still has blue eyes as you say, its extremely rare.

    I’ve heard of one that was a blue-eyed black – found in a shelter; however I never saw this cat in person. I owned an odd-eye (one blue, one green) black and white bicolor cat years ago.

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