Q&A: good name for black cat with white diamond on chest?

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by Bibi
Question by :good name for black cat with white diamond on his chest? Getting a new kitten tonight. She is all black with a white diamond on his chest. I have a large black cat named Monster and I’m trying to think of something that goes with that. Maybe Magic? Any ideas, please! Cat Black Breeds Best answer : Answer

by Selena Wolf is super cute
Magic, I’d go with that. My cat is all gray gray accept a white diamond on his chest, his name is Jake Lol, that should have been named something more creative. So yes, I would go w / Magic, or you can call your Diamond Lol Cat Black Breeds

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10 Responses to “Q&A: good name for black cat with white diamond on chest?”

  1. Magic
    Stardust (Star)
    Kaboodle (Boo for short)
    Or WHATEVER strikes you and fits your kitty. If you decide fast, it usually sticks, better.

    (Some cute ones in the Finnish cat names section)

  2. I love the name Makita. It is so unique and pretty. Midnight is more common but cool too.

  3. I found a site that might help.

  4. I like magic :) or skylight .. Twinkle? We could go on lol .. It took me like a week to name my kitten :) good luck

  5. Maggie is the winner!

  6. Gem, Diamond, midnight, all i can think of. lol

  7. Lil, as in “Diamond Lil”, played by Mae West

    Lucy, as in “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”

    Yeah, I’m being very literal :)

  8. I think it is best……………….

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