6 Responses to “Its haunted …”

  1. i thought all graveyards have scary black cats in them and maybe the shadows are from dead people

  2. A) It´s a graveyard. It must be haunted. The shadows at night are the tormented spirits of the earthbound dead. The cat is in fact a physical manifestation of an Ankou, the jailer of the dead.

    B) It´s a graveyard. People go there sometimes, and I wager that teenagers will go there at night. The cat is probably either a visitor or an actual graveyard dweller. Seems like a pretty good place for a cat to be.

  3. Stray cats live everywhere in the world, this one just happens to be in a graveyard and happens to be black. its just a coincidence, nothing strange.

  4. it could just be a cat however somesay animals have a sixth sense maybe its owner is dead and it things there not or it is just a ghost cat which i guess is possible i mean animals have souls

  5. it means that the cat will put the paws on and be purrrrfect on your puccy and mew your leg up until its tail goes way up and than licks you and says MEOW MEOW PURRRRRR PURRRRRRRR MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

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