Q&A: Dream interpretation a friend turning into a black cat?

Question by The world is spinning:Interpretation of dreams from a friend to become a black cat? I saw a dream that a friend of mine became a black cat, and was attacked by a black panther, and I was trying to save my friend, but could not, was always too late ……. be deep scratches and bloody in the black cat’s body each time the capture was a panther, and then the cat slips of the hands and the panther attack him again …. You know what could it mean? Best answer : Response Ignasi

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You feel that your friend did something wrong, you will suffer for it, and want to help, but feel unable to do so.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Dream interpretation a friend turning into a black cat?”

  1. You feel that your friend is being illusive to you and that everytime you get closer to discovering what she is being illusive about she slips away and goes right back to it… its a hard question to answer i know but could your friend possibly be a self harmer? lots of people who are identify themselves with being either a black cat (unlucky) a black sheep (unwanted or outcast) etc etc etc..

    hope this helps!!!!

  2. U feel that ur friend is in a danger, U always wanted to help but it’s always too late. Even if u help, ur friend will go back to the danger again.

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