Q&A: Does owning a black cat bring you bad luck?

Question by Cat Black Breeds o you own a black cat brings bad luck? I personally do not believe in superstitions but anyway, see a black cat according to supersitions bad luck .. So how about owning a black cat? (I have one: p) Best answer : Answer Question

I have a cat
black and nothing happens

What do you think? Answer below!

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Does owning a black cat bring you bad luck?”

  1. I don’t believe in superstition, so owning a black cat should do nothing. My mother has never had a broken back no matter how many cracks I step on, some purposely when I’m mad at her. LOL!

  2. i had one for years. no problem

  3. Absolutely not. Black cats have been tortured and killed because of this stupid superstition. They are no different from any other cat except for the color of their fut.

  4. no more than walking under a ladder or stepping on the cracks in the pavement (side walk to our american friends)

  5. “Does owning a black cat bring you bad luck?”


  6. I donĀ“t think so. I have seen a bunch and nothing specially bad happened.

  7. Seeing a black cat brings GOOD luck in some parts of the world.

    Apparently it has a lot to do with each nation’s experience of witch trials. Countries where witch trials were sensational believe that black cats are unlucky. This includes most European nations and the US. Countries which had fewer witch trials either don’t care about them or believe they’re lucky. Black cats are held as lucky in the UK and Ireland, Japan and (sometimes – depending which way the cat is going) in Germany.

  8. Does owning an Igor bring you stupidity?
    For both.

  9. Frank thinks asking such question will bring you bad luck.

  10. According to fiction, yes, it is bad luck. According to reality? No, it is not.

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