Q&A: Does anyone know what it means that a black cat keeps showing up on my doorstep?

Question by Genuine Female Behind My Avatar Cat Black Breeds oes anyone know what it means for a black cat keeps showing up at my door? There is not a black cat, or a number of black cats, who have begun to appear at my door in the last week or so. I’ve lived here 9 1 / 2 years, so this is quite rare. Does anyone know of a spiritual or metaphysical, or even a superstitious perspective what this means? Thanks. Best answer:

Reply by saq428
This means they are hungry cats.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Does anyone know what it means that a black cat keeps showing up on my doorstep?”

  1. Feed them .. or call the pound ..
    tell them that theyre not your cats
    and they will either come out and catch them
    or put out cages to trap them..they wont be hurt.

  2. From a superstitius point of view, black cats are either meant to bring good luck or bad luck, im not sure.

    From a non superstitious point of viee, it may be that this cat has come across food in your garden or somewhere like that and keeps coming back as they know they may get food.

    Scorpio Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Aquarius Rising

  3. You probably have mice and their waiting for you to open the door to go in.

  4. i always heard harm a black cat brings bad luck
    save one brings good luck
    and if one crosses your path it brings bad luck unless you draw a X in the air
    owner of one black cat..still waiting for all the luck.have not got it yet lol

  5. idk what it means, but it sure sounds creepy

  6. i have also heard that black cats have superstious myths.

    black cats coming to the door may be meaning they are bring either good or bad luck.

    you may have to just wait and see..time will tell

    hope its Good luck anyway

  7. They’re witches cats and they are spying on you to tell their master what you’re up to. You probably have supernatural beings in your house that they’re interested in. Maybe someone is inadvertently practicing magic in your house.
    Classically, black cats are bad luck, but that superstition probably only arose just because people were afraid of the supernatural. Black cats are linked to magic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Hey, it’s possible. Or they’re just from the same litter and they’re just hungry. Either way… just keep your eye out on ‘em.. they might be good, they might be trouble, supernatural or not.

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