Q&A: Does anyone have a good picture of a black tabby cat I can use?

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by edwick
Question by Kaede Cat Black Breeds oes anyone have a good image of a black tabby cat that I can use? I prefer to leave, but if not, fine. For black tabby cat I mean a very, very dark gray or black with black tiger stripes barely visible. Best answer:

Reply by Elaine M
Go to google.com and write “tabby cat photo and find them.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Does anyone have a good picture of a black tabby cat I can use?”

  1. try goggle my kitten is flex tabby color sorry

  2. There are no “black tabby” cats. You either have a dark black-brown tabby (what I call cold brown tabby) or you have a black cat with some “ghost” tabby markings – can happen if one parent is a tabby.

  3. Are you maybe looking for a silver tabby? They are black w/ a white background color.

    Just Google “Silver Tabby” & you will see a number of images.

    genetic “black tabbies” are visually brown colored.

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