Q&A: Do you believe that when a black cat crossed your path, that its really bad luck?

Question by Darren C Cat Black Breeds o you think that when a black cat crossed your path, your bad luck? I’ve had three black cats in my way in the past year, including one last night …. I try to be, but I have stupid superstitions that I can not overcome … If this is true, then a quarter of my life will be bad luck …. might as well kill me What do you think … stupid superstition or bad luck? Why? Best answer : Reply

Some people think that black is bad luck. However, some people think it is very lucky. In Hawaii before the people converted to Christianity used to sacrifice animals were only the purest black, so black animal considered to be the best and most fortunate. I guess then, in Hawaii, all black cats crossing your path and show strong fortuna.Siempre when it comes to picking the belief that you are going, if I were you I would go with good luck. But it depends on you.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Do you believe that when a black cat crossed your path, that its really bad luck?”

  1. Personally, i think that black cats only have bad reputations because you can’t see them in the dark.
    I happen to think that black cats are rather lucky. Other superstitions make a bit of sense (knocking over salt…well, now you have less salt, and salt used to be much rarer, no walking under ladders, people tend to drop things from ladders, and the breaking of mirrors leads to glass shards that you can step on). Black cats…not so much.
    I know this doesn’t help, but do try to get over the superstition. Usually, there’s a counter superstition (like throwing salt over the shoulder to get rid of demons or something), so you can try to find one of those if it makes you feel better.

  2. it is only true that bad luck will happen when a black cat crosses your path in the month of october that is only if you believe in bad and good luck

  3. No, I do not believe in bad luck.

  4. nah dont worry about it. stop stressing and you know whats a lot worse than 1/4 of your life being unlucky? killing yourself in your prime. no dont worry about it

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