Q&A: Do people really not like black cats?

Question by Sean Cat Black Breeds o people really not like black cats? I visited the shelter a couple of weeks ago and was surprised by the number of black cats there. I’m probably biased because I have a black cat, but people really think they are ugly or bad luck? I mean, give me a break! I personally think they are quite soft and elegant look, but it’s hard to believe that so many people supersitious.Mejor response: Answer

by bmoviebimbo
maybe black cats are more horny, so many unwanted kittens.

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15 Responses to “Q&A: Do people really not like black cats?”

  1. HI there Sean, i do volunteer work at a cat shelter and yes believe it or not we have tons of black cats too ..its amazing how superstitious people are .. …. i love black cats and have one of my own…. they are beautiful… to me it all depends on the personality of the animal not the color.. just like a person… but people are idiots so what can i say……

  2. nothing is wrong with black cats i had a black cat.i think people are too fussy on what colour there cat has to be and i think that is sad,also i think that could be the reason why there was soo many in the shelter

  3. i love black cats, but they’ve been wrongly portrayed by the media, so people probably think they’re bad luck. Black cats are really elegant and royal. My black cat, Midnight, acts like she owns my house and my other cat, Ghost(he’s white), is her personal jester

  4. I love black cats. I had one. He was so sweet. He brought me good luck. LOL

  5. I have a black cat named Snowball II (after the simpsons cat)

  6. i love black cats thats why i have 2 of them…

  7. I find cat’s are like people it’s their personalities that count, not their color. I have always loved fluffy black cats anyway with big round green eyes. I have one now as a matter of fact giving me some problems to be exact. but I love him to death and am quite devoted to him. I’m always with him and he with me…he’s my puppy. Really he follows me everywhere. People really should forget about color and superstitions and just hold the lovely little thing…they’ll fall in love. Give yourselves a chance.

  8. I have a black kitty , and she honestly has the best personality of all 4 of my cats.
    I have heard that shelters will not adopt out black cats around halloween b/c people harm them. People are so ignorant…it’s sad.

  9. Maybe most people think that black cats are bad luck especially on Friday the 13th. I love cats, but I don’t think of it as bad luck.

  10. I think that they are definitely suave and elegant!!! Lots of people are superstitious!!!!!

  11. 1. black cats are elegant!
    2. black cats are strays
    3. in medieval times people used to believe that witches turn into black cats ore use them for their black witchcraft or use them to contact black evil. so in Europa they started to kill them, and they almost disappeared. now they are not considered “clean breed”so people do not take what seems a cat without a “pedigree”that why you see so many black cats in shelters.

  12. Some people are really closed-minded. I personally own (or really he owns me) a solid black cat that is the sweetest, most loyal animal I have ever had. He has brought me nothing but joy.

  13. I love black cats. They are elegant looking. A few years ago my husband and I saved a female black cat and her kittens. We already had two cats so we set them up in our garage. We found homes for all of the cats. We called the mother cat orphan Annie. She was black and beautiful and a loving cat. * kittens in all. four pure black the rest were mainly black with a bit of color.

  14. I have 3 black cats, i have always like black cats. silly how some people think

  15. I can’t believe people are that superstitious, it’s so silly. My sister has two black cats and they’re beautiful!

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