Q&A: Do black kittens their eyes change colour?

Question by Cat Black Breeds o black kittens eyes change color? This is probably a silly question but all I’ve seen black kittens had blue eyes, while the majority of black cats had the golden yet. Does it change color when they get older? If so, at what age? Best answer: Answer

by Steener
yes, all kittens (not just black) are born with the same eye color, bluish gray. They change as they grow, with in its first year.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Do black kittens their eyes change colour?”

  1. I think most cats are born with blue eyes and then they change sometime in the first year of life.

  2. All kittens are born with blue eyes. It usually starts to change when they’re about a few months old.

  3. Yes – all domestic cats with black coats eyes will change to green or gold by about three to four months. Pedigreed cats more often have copper eyes with black coats.

    Blue eyes in anything but pointed or white cats is normally genetically impossible in adult cats. There’s been a breed under development called Ojos Azules but the genetic defect to have blue eyes appear in solid and tabby coloured coats causes other defects so development of this breed is currently on hold. There are, however some Van-patterned cats (Pixie Bob, Turkish Van) and Bi-color and Van-patterned Persians that have been successfully breed with one blue eye/one green without other detrimental genetic defects.

  4. How old are your kittens? Mine are six months old and have golden eyes.Congratulations on your new family.

  5. my cat had 2 litters this year,1 black in the first 2 in the second….4 kittens each litter.they were all born with blue eyes but all had changed color between 8-10 weeks.hope you and your kitties have a merry xmas

  6. All kittens are born with blue or blue/grey eyes, and unless they are one of the breeds genetically programmed to have blue eyes (like Siamese) those eyes will begin to change as the kitten gets older, and are generally no longer blue by the time they’re 12 weeks old .

  7. Yeah. my mums a breader. all the cats eyes are blue when they are born and change colour when they get older just like a baby .

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