Q&A: Can your own black Cat give you bad luck?

Question by Nrjs:Can your own black cat give you bad luck? Or must it be a stray cat? (According to superstition.) I have a black kitten and it crossed my path many veces.Mejor response: Reply

any way. I have a black cat and all it gives me a lot of good luck.

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10 Responses to “Q&A: Can your own black Cat give you bad luck?”

  1. Black cats are good luck. Whoever told you otherwise just had karma catching up to them from past misdeeds…

  2. The superstition came from two beliefs. One, the Ancient Egyptians venerated cats; and two, Witches were supposed to use black cats to perform their magical spells. A third influence, the color black generally being connected to evil, helped this superstition stay alive.

    In any case, the superstition does not apply to any cat that belongs to you. It must be someone else’s cat (as they could be a witch using the cat to curse you) or a stray. So, if you own a black cat, it cannot harm you, according to the superstition.

  3. Doubly bad luck if it’s your own cat. When it licks you, that’s ten times the normal black cat bad luck.

  4. No, your black kitten can become your familiar.

  5. My jet-black giant cat brings me only affection and an occasional mouse. One time he brought a kitten home, I don’t know where he found her but it was good luck for that kitten.

  6. Black cats are not bad luck. Did you know that in England it used to be white cats that were considered bad luck?

    Your kitty will provide you with love, affection and trust if you treat it right and throw away your outdated superstitions.

  7. Sigmund Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” That means that a black cat is just a black cat. You’re letting you superstitions get the best of you.

  8. This is a disgusting as well very demented myth. They are loving,gentle,extremely funny,and filled with love like any other animal that is loved and cared for and not abused by psychotic people. Some in this world who label and say derogatory things are seed planters,paranoid because of the evil that lurks within themselves,try to divert the attention onto anything or anyone to cover what they really are. I have black cats,as well know many who do,they are wonderful beautiful little mintur black panthers,now different then ant loved animal as I said above.People’s seed planting lies sicken me,.

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