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  1. Yes my black cat has a beautiful blue eyes.

  2. I have had a cat in the past with blue eyes and one that had eyes that would look green in certain light. Right now the black cat I have has gold eyes and so does my orange cat. I also Have a cat that is white with blue eyes.

  3. Yes, if they have Siamese bloodlines. I had a Siamese cat who ‘got with kittens’ through the door, as it were, and there were two black kittens in the litter, one w /green eyes, one w/blue.

  4. I have seen adult black cats with blue eyes… it is rather interesting!

  5. It is very unlikely.
    But possible.

  6. My black cat has green/blue eyes with a circle of blue around the iris. She’s pretty cute!

  7. By cross breeding over generations, a black cat is capable of having blue eyes….it happened to one of my cats.

  8. Yes,its possible especially on kittens I find it very rare but it simply depends on the cats breed.

    And not all kittens have blue eyes!

  9. Im sure its kind of rare, Id love to see one.

  10. My cat Prince Charles is black, but he has blue eyes that are kind off silver. Alot of cats are like that, but it may not supposed to be possible. But some genes can get messed up. Or one of his parents were like that.

  11. yes.I have a black cat that is 15 and born on Halloween. And she has some awesome blue eyes.

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