Q&A: Can a calico female have a father with all black coloring?

Question by swagov:Can a female calico having a parent with all black dye? Our kitten is orange, white and gray with some dark gray. We believe that his father would be all black because our kitten has huge claws, as we know this black cat. Is it possible that she has a large black cat pawed dad? PD she was from a farm and there are some possibilities …. We believe that their great legs come from somewhere and only know the cat with big paws response is completely negroMejor : Answer

Samantha B
My Girl Siamese had babies with My Boy Black and blancoy Siamese kittens had huge (as big as dad and mom as Siamese) Oh, and my brave kitten is small like her mother, but her parents have color.Also my black cat colorful grandmother has so anything could be possible.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Can a calico female have a father with all black coloring?”

  1. Yes, it’s possible. The colors can come from either parent, or even further back than that.

  2. Female cats will typically mate with as many as four different males when they are in heat, and each of these males can father kittens in her litter. It’s very possible that the black cat is her father.

  3. my female is calico boy ginger,mum was calico dad tabby

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