Q&A: Breed of cat that’s white but with black tips?

Question by fauhsl:Breed of cat that is white, but tipped with black? I have two cats that look the same race. Both appear in black with light tabby markings. But when you look more closely at his coat, you’ll realize that cats are actually white with black dots. I thought for a moment that my first cat (Chloe) who gave me 11 years ago was just a random feature of mixed race. After 1 year and adopted quickly found another (Gizmo). They seem too not be the same race instead of some strange genetic trait. Anyone know what could it be? Best answer : Reply

==^.^== siameses.que
have markings are part if your Siamese marcas.las rare dark spots come from the Siamese traits.:) I hope be happy and healthy!

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