Q&A: Are people really afraid of black cats?

Question by Stephanie Cat Black Breeds o people really afraid of black cats? I have three solid black cats, and for the most part, no one pays much attention, but sometimes I get people walking around the house and I have to go across the street to walk on, simply because my cat is in the sleeping porch. I have also had children scream and run when they see them. It just seems so strange that people could believe such silly beliefs about animals sweets. I was wondering if any of you are afraid / superstitious of black cats and why? Thank you! Best answer: Answer

by The Hollow
I’m not. I love black cats. I had some when I was little.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Are people really afraid of black cats?”

  1. I love my kitty and hes quite a large black cat. Only time people are scared of him is when i’m holding him and they’re like “awwww” *goes to pet* *cat lets out huge hiss cus he hates people* Hes pretty good about giving fair warning that he wont bite. I have never had him bite a friend or guest, just hiss. (he thinks i’m edible sometiems tho >.<)

  2. Some people have a true psychological fear of cats (ailurophobia) but for the most part, it’s a cultural thing. My family is originally from England and black cats are considered good luck and white cats bad luck in the UK, so we’ve always loved black cats. Other than some health issues associated with them, I have nothing against white cats either. My guess is that the kids are just playing around and lots of people have a “better safe than sorry” attitude about superstitions. Halloween decorations and the like just reenforce the stereotype.

  3. Only ignorant people who believe in silly superstitions.

  4. I’ve never in person seen people react negativity to black cats, but the fact remains that there is a stigma with them being “bad luck” to some people in certain parts of the world, it’s just a superstition like “don’t walk under a ladder” or “don’t break a mirror”. This, coupled with the fact that many find black not an appealing color (since it is so common perhaps) is why black cats end up being the ones not adopted from shelters. They also are in danger around Halloween more so than other cats, since some pretty twisted people like hurting them at that time of year.

  5. no
    i own a black cat myself, and I named her Nyx since she loves and is black as the night
    but the fear of black cats has been going on for a looooooong time, just the whole black is a color of evil things, mainly the devil/demons(if you ask me even cooler!)
    and kids are always superstitious, and those adults are immature
    i find it weird too, but its hard to break tradition

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