Cats are actually allergic to Atheists. Wiccans, …

Comment posted Q&A: Are Atheists not welcome in the cats section? by mr meany.

Cats are actually allergic to Atheists. Wiccans, Christians, and Agnostics should be fine though.

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16 Responses to “Cats are actually allergic to Atheists. Wiccans, …”

  1. As far as I know we are welcome here…I’m acutally agnostic though. I don’t see why a religion would have anything to do with pet ownership…Unless that religion would cause harm to your animals of course.

  2. Must be worshipers of Bastet (Egyptian Cat Goddess).

    Their dogma (or is that catma?) is the worst.

  3. well…i don’t have a cat, and i haven’t seen the post but i’m sure it was just some closeminded person who wanted to disclude people who don’t follow his beliefs. if i were you, i’d find every question he asks and answer it!

  4. I am an atheist and have a cat.

  5. You have to assume the people in the cats section are crazy obsessing over their pets. Is it an are you really want to waste time in anyway?

  6. Since athiests claim there is no God. and cats all feel
    that they are God by logical deduction atheists refuse to
    believe in the existance of cats, therefore they are not welcome.

  7. Well, I can’t see what atheism and having cats have to do with each other. I’m Jewish myself, but I don’t really think our cats care one way or another ;-)

  8. Wow, I had no idea.

  9. Cats are actually allergic to Atheists. Wiccans, Christians, and Agnostics should be fine though.

  10. These forums are open to everyone, and your religious beliefs aren’t an issue to post here.
    the person who made that statement obviously has issues.
    Don’t let these people talk crap to you.
    When you see a comment like that, REPORT IT.
    I do every time I see one.

  11. My cats have never complained about Atheists. If the cats aren’t complaining……I think this proves that most people don’t listen to their animals. I care for feral cats in the woods by my home. I probably feed about 20-25 black cats, 10 Siamese 2 yellow and an assortment of grays and what have you. I have 4 in the house. 2 silver tabby Siamese and 2 sleek, coal black. They told me they love Atheists.

  12. hmmm never heard this before

  13. It’s a joke…I wouldn’t worry about everything you read on here…many of it’s sheer nonsense posted by bored people.

  14. Um. I am a Christian Cat owner. My cats do pray. I know that they do. And all of us say HOWDY to you! Please do not be scared! I have a Calico and Blue. ;) O^O

  15. Well I want to be a veterinarian and I’m agnostic! So atheists, witches, humanists are all okay with me! Also this is a public forum and I don’t think anyone has the right to restrict people from answering and asking questions in any section =)

  16. i don’t really think that religion has anything to do with being accepted with animals or not.
    each to their own.. unless they’re going to cook em and eat em.. that’s nasty!

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