Q&A: A good anime like black cat, but with more romance?

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by Bibi
Question by stef77:A good anime, like a black cat, but with more romance? I saw black cat and it was good in the first 13 or so epiosdes but what little it is from there as well. Everything is there any anime like him but with romance? Best answer: Three

Some titles that may be of interest are: – Chrono Cursade-Fate / Stay Night-Darker Than Black (romance hinted) – Trigun (romance hinted) – GetBackers (lacking in the romance) – Black Lagoon (romance allusion) – Cowboy Bebop (underlying romance) Sorry these are all pretty old and well known titles D: I’d also recommend Soul Eater and Eureka Seven, if you have not seen. Not exactly like Jack Black, but they are two very big anime with a little romance in ellos.Espero this helps a little D:

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