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more tales of cat charm Due to a technical failure, the second part of our columnist summary of furry felines books not published as planned last week. Read more on The Star

UPI Thoroughbred Racing Summary By Robert Kieckhefer UPI Racing Writer Wrap-up action game of pure race. Read more on UPI

SUTC: The first cut is not necessarily deeper Written by Steven Georgiou as we know, later, Cat Stevens, now Yusuf Islam, and the first hit for PP Arnold (backing by The Nice) in 1967, the melody and the lyrics of “The first cut is the deepest “have proven almost irresistible to artists over the past 45 years. In Jamaica, the first hit version was cut at Studio One at the end of 1967. Jackie Mittoo and guitarist (unidentified, but possibly Val … Read more on MOG

big cat back The latest offering from the iconic flagship luxury home with all the style you would expect of a Jaguar with the next generation of engineering and construction. The Jaguar XJ is available at MCL Motor Cars in Vancouver. Read more on North Shore News

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