Jaded Gamer Rant: Licensed or Non-Licensed, it’s not really a question.

XO the Black Cat Cat Black Breeds
Image by cloneofsnake Aww… look at her… just like a toy!

Jaded player Rant: authorized and unauthorized, is not really a question . Few things in gaming culture makes me want to burp a baby to a claw hammer when I see the editors in general, decent and developers create a game licensed from a TV show, movie, book or comic. Although not all licensed games launch in a warm pig ashtray culture throughout the game, most of them do. Take, for example, the butt-end staple joke of a game, ET Or, if … Read more on Game Informer

Search the archives Krazy KRITTER Tasha Gorent founder, spends his time rescuing animals as 8 weeks of age, Scotland, and find safe new homes. Read more on The Spectrum

Lloyds of London protect the diamonds from the stars A visit to Lloyd’s of London shows that there is more to insurance than boring old forms – diamond, holes-in-one and valuable works of art to begin with. Read more on AFP Telegraph Finance News via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance

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