Are the Smurfs Anti-Semitic Misogynists?

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Image by WxMom Try being in a half-finished basement with CFL lights, a few lights from my lightbox, and a black cat. I had to go with out a flash (another reason to start pricing something beyond the D40′s pop-up), his fur is so reflective, he would probably look lit up like a Christmas Tree, even with the filter screen on. I would have played more with the white balance in camera, but the cat got up and walked away. I ran the Coffeeshop Blog’s Perfect Portrait 2, mainly for the smooth skin setting to blend out some of the digital noice from the ISO 800 setting I had to use. ISO 400 was just to dark. I also cooled the image some with a photo filter, and added to textures, the first added even a little more blue to help cool the overall image, the second was just for fun.

Are the Smurfs Semitic misogynist? On Saturday, June 25 in over 12 major cities around the world, hundreds of people are expected to congregate with their bodies painted blue from head to toe. No, this is not shooting the sequel to “Avatar”, but is a global celebration of beloved cartoon series “The Smurfs” on the birthday of Pierre Culliford, aka Peyo, the creator of the Smurf characters as a strip funny again … Read more on The Forward

Klepto Kitty accumulates loot people Speedy has stolen loot while his owner had to publish leaflets through a town in northern Switzerland, which says “Help, our cat burglaries!” and inviting people to recover their things missing. Read more on Daily Breeze

Kitten survives walk from Palm Beach to Vero Beach on the top of the car VERO BEACH – A couple returning home from Palm Beach to Vero Beach on Thursday night was the surprise of their lives when they discover a kitten from six weeks old, trapped under the hood of your car. Read more on Indian River Press Journal

Beverly Hall glorious gardens is an ode to the Bard (June 23, 2011) Outside the entrance to the home of Beverly Hall Madaket, a new variety of petunias are the brushstrokes almost black ink only in the midst of an explosion of color. Otherwise, the fauna and flora colors mostly around his house, located close to Hither Creek. Read more on The Inquirer and Mirror

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